Monday, January 20th, 2013

Oh shit (laughs).

Well, on the surface I wanna say it’s that unconditional sense that you get from someone else that you’re accepted, that you’re ok. And yet that’s not true at all (laughs).

I have an abundance of love. I walk around, I start with love and then I gravitate away depending on how you treat me or how things morph next, I suppose. But I like to operate from love so love means the status quo to me.

“I try to seek out love again and remember that person, that situation wasn’t meant to be harmful to me.”

For me, love is my neutral running gear.

How does that affect my life? Well, for me it makes me act a little bit like a puppy dog. I tend to be very affectionate, hopefully not too inappropriately, and I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I show my feelings to people while very easily exposing myself. If it works out, that’s awesome. I’m often very well received by friends and family, mostly animals, you don’t get rejected by animals that often.

Sometimes it’s misperceived as being overtly sexual. And there is definitely a sexual context, I am also a sexual being and as are all of us. There is definitely sexuality without sex, if that makes sense. So for me love is that pure feeling. That pure bliss, good feeling that I try to approach everything with.

Life beats you down. We all can be a little bitter on the ebb and the flow of life. Love is the flow… I sometimes pull back into the shell a little bit and then I’m always searching to be safe, safely back in that flow. So, it’s where I wanna be.

It can be a little scary because being the puppy dog sometimes you get the kick or the person who just doesn’t understand you. It’s usually people that will be the offending party. I try to seek out love again and remember that person, that situation wasn’t meant to be harmful to me. It was their perception, their reaction was about them, had nothing to do with me. It had everything to do with their experience in the world and maybe how they were or were not loved or loved differently.

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