I love to tell stories. When I was a kid I would make up elaborate tales with twists and turns that quite frequently ended in some sort of shootout. Most of the time they got me into trouble because it always seemed more interesting to talk about how I fought chainsaw armed shadow giraffe-clowns that lumbered through the closet than it was to admit I broke the vase while roughhousing. Today I still make up a lot of stories, but with a greater sense of responsibility.

It’s this love of storytelling that lead me to writing and then to photography. Blending these two ideas together has brought me to a place where I can maximize my creative energy. My stories range from positive, light and happy to a little on the dark, surreal side. Everything I do is a reflection of my own personality so it makes sense that there’s a blending of light and dark.

Animals, food and yoga all have the this light and dark balance to them as well. The ability to tell a story with food is one of my favorite things to figure out. It can be more than a plate of food, it can be an experience captured in a frame. That’s what I’m trying to accomplish.

It takes an incredible amount  of time and energy to put together a concept from start to finish. This process is the heart of what I do; the planning of a shoot is the most creative, energetic part of the equation. I hope that you take the time to wander around my site and drop me a line with what you think. I would love to hear from you!